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Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi switches on Asia's largest solar field in Gujarat



In a quantum leap in the field of solar power generation, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi dedicated 600 MW solar power projects to the nation on Thursday.

The projects include solar power plants at Asia's largest solar park at Charnka village, as well as solar units at 10 other places in Gujarat. Charnka's 'Gujarat Solar Park', which is spread across 3,000 acres, has already attracted investments from close to 21 national and international companies. The 500 MW solar park has become functional in a record time of just one year.

The programme was attended by US Consul General Peter Hesh and officials from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Speaking on the occasion, Modi said that at a time when the entire world is engulfed by problems relating to climate change, it is Gujarat's dream to demonstrate an example of climate justice.

"This achievement is not merely a step in the direction of power conservation... it provides the world with a vision that how the power needs of the future generations can be solved in an environment-friendly manner," the Chief Minister said.

Taking a dig at the Union government, Modi claimed that Gujarat was ready with its solar energy policy, while the Central government was still mulling the nation's solar policy at a basic level.

"Due to the efforts made by the Gujarat government, the cost of solar power has come down to Rs. 8.50 per unit from Rs.15 per unit," he claimed, adding that the cost will go down further to Rs 4 per unit in the future once the supply of solar power increases.

Speaking about the state's future plans in the solar sector, the Chief Minister said the government has envisioned a roof-top solar power policy. This will enable the common man to generate solar power by putting solar panels on the roof of his house and sell the power to the state government.

Significantly, US Consul General Peter Hesh in his address during the inauguration said that the developed nations are also eager to invest and partner Gujarat in various fields, including solar energy, which is a proof of Gujarat's global recognition.

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